U.S. Visa fraud by Haitians providing false documents or information

U.S. Visa fraud by Haitians providing false documents or information

There has been an ongoing issues of fraud with Haitians applying for visa in the U.S. ant the American government wants to bring the attention of the Haitian public to this crisis. The anti-fraud department for the agency responsible for dealing with such issues has reported recently to have recorded an alarming record of about 11,000 cases of fraud by Haitians in applying for U.S. Visas.

On May 17, with the alarming rate of visa assistance and application frauds, Robert Hannan, the US Consul General in Haiti has described the right process for applying and procuring U.S visa. There were about 11,000 instances of visa applications where the applicants have given wrong information about their family, financial and professional backgrounds. Mr. Hannan has urged every applicant to provide only truthful information. The U.S department has informed every applicant to contact directly at the US Embassy for every visa update; the department does not authorize any intermediary person or authority in visa assistance service. Visa application fees are to be deposited directly to the SogeXpress only and another at the US Embassy in exchange of the visa.

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