UN, Ambassador Edmond Mulet and President Michel Martelly

UN, Ambassador Edmond Mulet and President Michel Martelly

PeaceOn September 25, 2014, Edmond Mulet, the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations at the United Nations and the former Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN and Head of the MINUSTAH has praised the Haitian President Michel Martelly for the significant progresses he has made in Haiti during Martelly / Lamothe regime.

The Martelly's team is honest, very engaged and committed to their country. The only weakness is that President Martelly doesn't have a political party-- to back him in parliament. His base is really the population at large. He was satisfied with the level of security management system in Haiti and urged the Haitian Senate to take steps to hold parliamentary and local elections at the earliest opportunity. Edmond Mulet is a former Guatemalan politician and diplomat. He first came to Haiti in June 2006.

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