United Nations and Haiti

United Nations and Haiti

Haiti and the United Nations, relationship.

The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), a Multinational Interim Force (MIF) was first sent to Haiti on June 1, 2004, comprising 6,940 soldiers and 2,211 police, after the departure of President Bertrand Aristide into exile following a Coup d'état. To be more precise, its actual involvement in Haiti started in 1990 when at the request of the provisional government, an observer group was sent by the United Nation to oversee an election. When a coup d'état on 29 September 1991 overthrew (first time) President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, elected 8 months earlier, the Security Council set up a peacekeeping operation, United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH)), on September 23, 1993. Following the earthquake of 2010, as per recommendation of the U.N Secretary-General, the number of forces in the MINUSTAH was increased. During their occupation in Haiti, they have trained Haitian Police forces (PNH) and helped to maintain laws and orders in the country.

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