What is the difference between CEP, KEP and CTCEP?

What is the difference between CEP, KEP and CTCEP?

Whether it is called CEP, KEP or CTCEP, they are all one single entity. The government agency in Haiti responsible to organize election. Depending on the condition it was created, it will have a different name. Currently, depending on the person referring to it, this body can be called either CEP, KEP, or CTCEP. It doesn't matter what it is called, but we all know that it means the same thing.

Why does the structure have all these names?
The best way to explain why the CEP is sometime called CTCEP or KEP has to do with who decides to form it. However the name that I hear the most is CEP. in this election, I hear some people refer to it as CEP, other times, KEP. what is it exactly?

In brief only few people really know

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