Yanick Lahens awarded France's prestigious Femina Prize

Yanick Lahens awarded France's prestigious Femina Prize

Here is a Picture of Yanick Lahens as she was awarded France's prestigious Femina Prize. She received the prize for her book " Bain de lune"

Yenick Lahens Yanick Lahens was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 22, 1953. She completed her studies at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne, then returned to Haiti to teach at Ecole Normale Superieure.

Yanick Lahens is a co-founder of the Association of Haitian writers and the "Culture and Creativity". She wrote several books including Exile, Tante Résia et les Dieux, Dans la maison du père, La Petite Corruption, La folie était venue avec la pluie, La Couleur de l'aube , Failles, Guillaume et Nathalie and Bain de lune

Yanick Lahens Awarded France's Prestigious Femina Prize
On Monday 3, 2014, an all-woman Jury awarded "France's Prestigious Femina Prize (Prix Femina)" to the Haitian writer Yanick Lahens. The authoress Lahens (born 22 December 1953) has received the award for her book titled "Bain de lune" (Bath Moon). It is a family epic that opens up on a stormy sea beach with a fisherman who discovers a girl that seems to have escaped great violence. The story traces the paths of voodoo magic to understand how and why she ended up on the sea beach. The Prix Femina is a French literary award that was created in 1904 by 22 writers from the "La Vie heureuse" (or The Happy Life, now it is known as Femina); it is decided and announced on the first Wednesday of November each year, exclusively by female jury, although the authors awarded are not gender restricted. Yanick Lahens completed her studies in France. She was a teacher, journalist, social activist (Action for Change or CPA), served in the cabinet of the Minister of Culture and now a member of the International Council of Francophone studies.

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