Year 2013 as Year of the Environment and Agriculture

Year 2013 as Year of the Environment and Agriculture

In 2013, President Michel Martelly proposed at the Independence Day celebrations that 2013 is to be dedicated as the year of environment and agriculture. The Haitian president made the promise that he wants Haiti to depend on itself for at least 70 percent of the food consumed in the country. He insisted that the environment will be one of his top priorities for the remaining years in office.

Among his priorities related to the environment, President Michel Martelly wants to reduce the environmental vulnerability of Haiti to natural disasters as well as boost agricultural production to reduce dependence on food from outside the country

The president wants each and every Haitian Haitian to plant at least one tree as civic contribution to a better resistance to natural disasters.

To commemorate the 209th anniversary of Haiti's independence in his official speech in Gonaives, the Haitian President said that the founding fathers signed the national independence, he is calling on Haitians to come together to rehabilitate the country's environment.

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