Andrés Navarro, conditions for dialogue with Haiti not met

Andrés Navarro, conditions for dialogue with Haiti not met

Here is a picture of Mr. Andrés Navarro, Dominican Chancellor who stated that the conditions for dialogue with Haiti have not been met.

The Dominican Chancellor Andrés Navarro, as a reaction to the statement of Luis Almagro, the Uruguayan Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) to hold a dialogue and resolve the crisis between the Haitian and Dominican authorities on the migration issue, has said that the situation is not yet ripe since the Haitian authority has maintained an aggressive stance without meeting some preconditions necessary for the dialogue. He has further added that, two nations can never sit before an agenda while one keeps throwing unfounded allegation on the other. The Dominican authority needs to see a clear change of signal from the Haitian government that it has changed its attitude towards the Dominican Republic.

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