Aristide and Duvalier, so much in common

Aristide and Duvalier, so much in common

It is interesting to see how two of the most controversial leaders in Haiti manage to have so much in common. In this, I want to refer to Former Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier and former president Jean Bertrand Aristide. Take a look as the following striking similarities:

1) Both Jean Claude Duvalier & Jean Bertrand Aristide have passionate fanatics

2) Both have been accused of making million by stealing from the government.

3) Both Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide went on exile.

4) Duvalier and Aristide came back from exile within the same year.

5) Duvalier & Aristide were visited at home by Michel Martelly.

6) On February 28, 2013, Jean-Claude Duvalier went to Court. On May 8, 2013, Aristide went to Court.

Does that mean, if one goes to prison, the other would follow?

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