Arnel Bélizaire challenges of Thierry Mayard Paul

Arnel Bélizaire challenges of Thierry Mayard Paul

Do you have a candidate in the Haiti upcoming election you don't like? If yes, this is the time to challenge him/her candidacy. Now it is the turn of deputy Arnel Bélizaire who wants Mr. Thierry Mayard Paul to be out of the process.

On Saturday, May 23, the former deputy Bélizaire has sent a letter to the Provisional Electoral Council challenging the presidential candidacy of Thierry Mayard Paul on two main grounds. They are-- Thierry Mayard Paul has made no disclosure of his assets and he has not submitted any certificate of discharge on the use of public funds which he was supposed to submit as per the electoral law (Article 90-h of the Electoral Decree) by virtue of holding the chair of Minister in the Interior and Territorial Communities. Bélizaire has asked the Council to reject the candidacy of Me. Thierry Mayard Paul for the above mentioned reasons. Since Monday, May 25th, 41 numbers of challenges were filed to the BED (Departmental Electoral Office), against 23 of the 70 Presidential candidates. Out of that two candidates, the former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe (from Platform Peyizan) and the Rector of the University Quisqueya, Jacky Lumarque (from Platform Verite) have faced 25% of the total challenges, 5 challenges each.

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