Beautiful Royal Decameron in Haiti

Beautiful Royal Decameron in Haiti

There is no place like home and this is the Beautiful Royal Decameron in Haiti.

'Royal Decameron Indigo' is a new all inclusive resort in Haiti located on the coast Arcadins (Cote des Arcadins), an hour's drive from Port-au-Price. It has been renovated over the property of "Club Indigo" on a 55 hectares land, bordered by 1.5 kilometers of white sandy beach and its recent takeover by the Colombia-based hotel and resort chain Decameron, was a best kept secret in the Caribbean. The deal was finalized in last March when Lucio Garcia, the CEO of the Decameron Chain visited the property and met the Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries (MTIC) Stephanie Balmir-Villedroin to finalize the terms of the takeover. The Minister again visited the property on September 1, as the head of a large delegation team accompanying the Secretary of State for Tax Reform, Ronald Décembre, the Director General of Customs of Haiti, Victor H. St. Louis to meet Leonardo Gonzalez, the President and other senior members of the Decameron Hotels Group to finalize the group's $8 million investment on Club Indigo.

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