Brooklyn Democrat Samuel Pierre dropping out of election

Brooklyn Democrat Samuel Pierre dropping out of election

Here is a picture of Brooklyn Democrat Samuel Pierre who has made the decision to remove his candidacy for the November's special election,

Samuel Pierre, onetime Brooklyn Borough Director in the Community Affairs Unit, Office of the Mayor of New York City and more recently, a candidate in the November election for ex-state Sen. John Sampson Senate seat, has decided to withdraw himself from the upcoming election. Pierre was accused by the Kings County Democratic Party of a 2013 misdemeanor conviction for which he had pleaded guilty for accepting bribe over $50. In 2008, Pierre received two designer t-shirts and free dinners from a family friend, Kenol Janvier for helping him with his green card issues. Pierre, now 30, says that although he was too young then (22), but he never asked anything in exchange of his service. Had it been now, in 2015, his approach would be totally different.

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