Camille Chalmers, Executive Director of PAPDA

Camille Chalmers, Executive Director of PAPDA

Here is a picture of Mr. Camille Chalmers, Executive Director of director of the Haitian Platform for an Alternative Development, or (PAPDA). Born on November 8, 1956, he is a renowned social economist who completed graduate studies in Venezuela

Haitian Banks remain Silent as Customers close Accounts

Haiti is on the verge of an "economic panic" due to the gourde's devaluation. Economist Camille Chalmers says neo-liberal policies are to blame. It may make Haiti more competitive globally but the purchasing power of wage earners suffer.

Upcoming elections may not happen say observers, and fear of destabilization has people withdrawing funds from Haitian banks, transferring their money overseas.

Chalmers wants Bank of the Republic of Haiti to publicly address the situation and not remain silent.

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