Centre Communautaire Kay Kok, Ile-a-Vache

Centre Communautaire Kay Kok, Ile-a-Vache

Here is a picture of a new Community Center in the Island, Centre Communautaire Kay Kok, Ile-a-Vache. This is an island in Haiti targeted to become a major tourist destination.

Huge project works on infrastructure and social development is underway in one of Haiti's satellite island named "Île-à-Vache" or "Cow Island". The government has plans to transform this beautiful piece of land into a major tourist destination at a cost of $18.5 million. The farmers, with government support will be able to grow organic products which are in high demand, the implementation of social projects will give the 15,000 inhabitants better access to welfare, education, vocational training and basic amenities. A community center has already been created with a restaurant, computer lab, conference room and a community radio service. The construction of roads and an international airport are under construction. Out of the 2,500 homes on the island, only 180 homes will be relocated to facilitate the implementation of the project, but they will further be compensated in addition to relocation. Similarly, another 10 families will be relocated and compensated to facilitate the construction of the airport runway. The government is moving closer to transform Ile a Vache into one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in the Caribbean.

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