Chelsea Clinton with Clinton Foundation In Haiti

Chelsea Clinton with Clinton Foundation In Haiti

Here is a picture of Chelsea Clinton, the Daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. She is to visit the Clinton Foundation Projects In Haiti on Tuesday, July 28, and Wednesday, July 29, with Clinton and Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala

The Clinton Foundation, founded by former president Bill Clinton, is a non-profit organization that aims to increase global health and wellness, create equal opportunity, empower women and also establish harmony between the different communities. On 28 and 29 July, the President of the Clinton Foundation, Donna Shalala and the Vice-chairperson, Chelsea Clinton will be visiting the foundations in Haiti that are working for the country's development. They will be accompanied by significant businesspersons and philanthropists. Their main objective is the economic development of Haiti alongside the women empowerment programs, educational development, improvement of the way of life, etc. The Clinton Foundation has been raising funds for Haiti since 2010, and in 5 years they have raised around $30 million. A branch of the Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP), focuses on the marketing of local goods in Haiti. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is also another arm of the Foundation that is making efforts to provide sustainable jobs to the people and improving Haiti's scope as a country for prospective investment.

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