Chikungunya spreading across the Caribbean and Haiti

Chikungunya spreading across the Caribbean and Haiti

The mosquito-borne virus chikungunya is not fatal but causes severe joint pain. It has been spreading across Haiti. Other countries affected include The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and several other Caribbean islands.

Chikungunya is something new to Haiti. This mosquito-borne virus was first detected over 50 years ago in Tanzania. It quickly spread in other regions in Africa, Asia and India. In December 2013, the first case of chikungunya was detected in the Caribbean, in the island of St. Martin. The first known case of chikungunya in Haiti was recorded in May, 2014.

The illness will likely not kill you. However, according to many, it is a painful disease. The pain inflicted by the mosquito-borne virus chikungunya is usually concentrated in the bones and is accompanied by high fever and rashes.

This illness is called by many Haitians: kraze le zo. Also some refer to chikungunya as " Chickin Gouyad"

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