Ciné Théatre - Duvalier Ville in 1965 - 1970

Ciné Théatre - Duvalier Ville in 1965 - 1970

Here is a picture of Ciné Théatre - Duvalier Ville during the years 1965 - 1970

Cinema in Haiti entered almost simultaneously as in the rest of the world. Lumiere cinema's representative Joseph Filippi was the first to make the first ever public screening in Haiti during his visit to the island nation on 14 December, 1899. On next day, the 15th of December, Filippi a fire in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. The Library of Congress has several films that were created during the US occupation era of 1915 to 1934. These films depicted the US Marines and the official ceremonies of the US military. Apart from these, the Library of Congress as well as Pathé-Ciné Library have a collection of some early films showing Haitian social life, agriculture and health care.

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