Commission calls for resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe

Commission calls for resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe

President Michel Martelly received officially the result of the consultative commission on December 9, 2014

Haiti commission calling for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to resign. In addition, other recommendations were made, including that the Supreme Court president and all the present Provisional Electoral Council members also resign before December 25, 2014. It must be noted that no recommendation was put forward that coincided with the opposition's solution of the President himself stepping down. There was a similar call, however, for a number of political prisoners held at random, and who have not yet been put before a judge, to be released at once.

All this was announced at a press conference at which the President stated that there wasn't a sacrifice too high he was unwilling to make for the country. He presented the commission's recommendations and said he would have to think over it for the next two days. Prime Minister Lamothe was noticeably missing from this conference.

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