Commission Consultative by Michel Martelly

Commission Consultative by Michel Martelly

Here is a list of the people that forms the Commission Consultative created by President Michel Martelly on November 28, 2014.

The government of Michel Martelly has taken a bold decision to try to resolve the current crisis in Haiti. He formed a Commission Consultative with the objective to collect the results of all the meetings with various sectors of the population and make a recommendation to the president based on the results of these meetings.

Here is the list of people included in this Commission:
Gerard Gourgue
Msr Patrick Harris
Evans Paul
Pastor Jean Chavannes Jeune
Paul Loulou Chery
Odette Roy Fombrun
Gabriel Fortuné
Reginald Boulos
Rony Mondestin
Charles Suffra
Oge Bovoir

President Martelly called these people credible honest that the Haitian society trusts. The Commission Consultative will help the government to make a decision that he believes will be better for Haiti and will allow to find a situation to be crisis

The commission will have a total of 8 days to make their recommendation to the executive branch

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