Daly Valet with plateforme Pitit Dessalines and Moise Jean Charles

Daly Valet with plateforme Pitit Dessalines and Moise Jean Charles

Here is ia picture where Daly Valet officially loined plateforme Pitit Dessalines of Moise Jean Charles and Assad Volcy

Recently, in the first week of April, 2015, journalist Daly Valet has announced his decision to join the platform of Pitit Desalin, an ideology based political coalition embodied by former Senator Moïse Jean-Charles. It is not sure whether Daly Valet will be a candidate for the upcoming election, furthermore, it was never clear before whether Daly Valet is a sympathizer or a member of the opposition. He was one of the journalists who met the President Martelly in December 2014 as part of a series of consultations on the political crisis in Haiti and guided him to the poor state of the country before his presidency. However, this platform has accumulated some fierce opponents of President Martelly. Pitit Desalin, is a political union of popular democratic organizations and it includes FOPARC; the platform has been created by former Senator Moïse Jean-Charles, who wants nothing but to remove President Martelly from power by any means.

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