Deputies Caleb Desrameaux and Gracia Delva

Deputies Caleb Desrameaux and Gracia Delva

Here Deputies Caleb Desrameaux and Gracia Delva.

Gracia Delva (born June 9, 1972) is a winning candidate for Deputy from Marchand Dessalines (Artibonite) under Haitian Tet Kale (PHTK) banner. He secured 61.06% of the votes in the August 9, 2015 election against his other contenders. He is a singer, Konpa maestro, actor, former MP, better known by his stage name as singer Gracia Delva Marchand-Dessalines. Gracia is one of the 8 members, including 4 PHTK candidates who were elected in the first round of election. His application for candidacy was initially rejected for delayed submission of "title to authentication". Caleb J. Desrameaux is a winning candidate for Deputy from Tabarre under VERITE banner. He is a TV star and radio personality with many appearances in movies and documentaries. Caleb is a former Communications Director of the Ministry of Tourism and Executive Director of TNH (Television Nationale D'Haiti) and he is a self proclaimed "Deputy of Culture". During his election campaign he had stressed that if he comes out as an elected Deputy, he will work to implement policies for the benefit of the youth.

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