Does Haiti Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Does Haiti Celebrate Thanksgiving?

There is no other place in the world where people have suffered so much in one year. A 7.0 earthquake killed nearly 300,000 lives in a matter of minute. One of the poorest nations on the planet without a single sewage treatment plant bravely encountered an epidemic of cholera that took over 8,000 lives and infected more than 600,000. It is even sadder because cholera epidemic is treatable but the supplies were not readily available in Haiti.

But that never means Haitians are not grateful. They have much more now than they had few years ago. Thanks giving day is a time when families and friends come together and thank god for His blessing throughout the preceding year. It is a moment of appreciation for all of His blessings-- maybe it is as simple as basic food, rain, new roads, electricity or generous donors. It is also a time to pray and thank for the less fortunate and sick.

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