Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Etenel Loto

Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Etenel Loto

Here is a picture of Eric Jean Baptiste, also known as Pere Etenel Loto. He is a former mayoral candidate and also created Fondation Eric Jean-Baptiste

On March 17, 2015, Eric Jean Baptiste, owner of the "borlette banks" known as the Père Eternal Lotto while cleaning his gun at home has shot himself when the gun went off. The accident occurred because Eric did not realize that there was another bullet left in the gun. Eric was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. However, after receiving necessary care he is now in stable condition at the Canapevert hospital. The earlier report suggested that he was shot in the stomach, however, his family sources have confirmed that he was shot on his shoulder. Eric Jean Baptiste is a known businessman and a mayoral candidate from Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

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