Fifa vice-president Jack Warner Cashing in on Haiti disaster

Fifa vice-president Jack Warner Cashing in on Haiti disaster

As the United States launches criminal proceedings against officials of world football's governing body and after Seven officials and associates were arrested in Zurich earlier this week, new we have Haiti emerging as one of Fifa's most extravagant expenses claims within the past several years.

It was reported that after the Haiti earthquake of 2010, the president of FIFA, pledged some money to Haiti. However, former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner did not think all that money should go to Haiti.

But Yves Jean-Bart, head of the Haitian Football Association, claimed only to have seen a fraction of that money reach his country. According to the head of Haitian Football Association, Yves Jean-Bart, only a small portion of that money ever reached Haiti. Among many expanses that could not be traced, Jack Warner contracted with a company in his native country of Trinidad to produce emergency supplies for Haiti in the amount of $229,000. There is one problem: that particular company never existed.

Ex-FIFA Official Embezzled $750,000 intended for Haiti Earthquake Relief

Ex-FIFA Vice President, Jack Warner, is under fire for misappropriation of funds he raised from FIFA and the Korean Football Association, a sum of $750,000.

U.S. prosecutors have been investigating him, and want him extradited from Trinidad and Tobago to answer charges of corruption and bribery in court.

He is alleged to have redirected $750,000, earmarked to help survivors from Haiti's 2010 earthquake, into his personal accounts. He claims he is innocent of all charges.

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