Fight against AIDS in Haiti Succeeding

Fight against AIDS in Haiti Succeeding

Sida, mwen pap pran, mwen pap bay campaign
Present at the recent World AIDS Day celebration in ST. Therese Park, Pétion-Ville, the Head of State, along with the First Lady, addressed the crowd on the issue of the nation's fight against the AIDS epidemic. Dr. Florence D. Guillaume, also in attendance, spoke of the continued commitment of the Ministry of Public Health and Population to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Also in attendance were many representatives from foreign organizations and partners in the fight against the deadly disease.

Haiti's Ministry of Public Health and Population has good news to report on the AIDS epidemic in Haiti. Haitians testing positive for the HIV virus have dropped 10% in the last nine years.

Patient enrollment for treatment has gone up, on average, 20% for the same period. In 2013 treatment enrollment soared to 44% from 2012. Several international agencies have worked to prevent, care for, and treat AIDS victims. The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief has played a major role in combating the disease.

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