France to build high school in Coteaux, Francois Hollande Visit

France to build high school in Coteaux, Francois Hollande Visit

One of the agreements signed during the visit in Haiti of French President Francois Hollande is the construction of a high school in Coteaux

Hollande says France is pledging to invest $145 million from 2015-2020 in infrastructure improvements. Of that amount, $56 million will be used to develop the education system. Protestors feel otherwise. They demand much more money in reparations be spent on education, healthcare facilities, and the road system.

Some citizens though believe Hollande may provide more job opportunities than currently exists. And it is interesting to note France forgave the remaining $77 million owed by Haiti following the 2010 quake.

Martelly and Hollande sign Six Bi-lateral Agreements

During French President Hollande's state visit, he and President Martelly acted as co-signatories on six bi-lateral agreements between both countries:

Updating National Institute of Professional Training to form division of water trades.

Building a high school in Coteaux, funded by Association of French Regions.

Allowing Haitian farmers to export organic bananas.

Creating a financial recovery plan for Electricity of Haiti.

An agreement between Civil Aviation General Directorate, Air Navigation Directorate, and Civil Aviation National Office.

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