Governor Rick Scott of Florida and the Haitians Community

Governor Rick Scott of Florida and the Haitians Community

Though Haiti and the Dominican Republic share one island Hispaniola, they remain worlds apart with troubled history. When the Dominican Court through a controversial ruling banned the nationality of thousands of Haitian origins living on Dominican soil since 1929, it had a disastrous effect. Thousands of people of Haitian origin became homeless, stateless with no access to basic amenities. It prompted protest from every corner of the world. Haitians along with some international human rights communities demanded isolation of Dominican Republic. On 20th February 2014, amidst the disappointment of Haitian-Americans, "Enterprise Florida" organized a tour of delegation team comprising business leaders, exporters and representatives of the Florida's economic sectors to Dominican Republic for an international export sales mission. Dominican Republic is 9th important trading partner of the Florida State in terms of foreign trade (US$5.34 billion).

Rick Scott, the State Governor of Florida who usually leads "Enterprise Florida's" trade missions, at the last moment, has dropped himself from this insensitive, immoral and inhumane tour without any explanation.

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