Haiti presidential candidate, Jacques Sampeur

Haiti presidential candidate, Jacques Sampeur

Here is a picture of Radio personality Jacques Sampeur who is a candidate in Haiti presidential Election on 2015.

Jacques Sampeur, a presidential candidate from Konbit Liberasyon Ekonomik party is different from others in his league on many counts. While his other contenders are making a plethora of promises, he prefers to speak sensibly and identify the real deterrent causes, which if removed can make our lives easier. He believes his countrymen are matured enough to think and decide, but need some good representatives whom they can trust. He believes a good representative's agenda should be based on the following premises: modernizing agriculture to lower food cost, create quality education, rebuild poor neighborhoods, modernizing Haitian cities to reduce the load of population explosion in Port-au-prince, create environment to draw investment and tourism, mentor youth, facilitate wealth for the middle class, create an agency which will be dedicated to the improvement of Haitian-Dominican relationship. Jacques Sampeur is a radio personality and the director of ATV 42. He understands and admits that there are very few leaders who would ever want to achieve them other than making false promises, because they all run for power and nothing else.

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