Haitian President, Lysius Salomon

Haitian President, Lysius Salomon

Here is a picture of Haitian President, Lysius Salomon.

The life of former Haitian President, Louis Lysius Félicité Salomon Jeune, before he became leader of the country was riddled with stages of discord for his family with various factions. He was born in Les Cayes in 1815, and his family were an influential set who often clashed with the elite mulattoes of the south where they lived. They were forced to flee the country to live in exile in Neyba during the rule of Charles Riviere-Hérard.

This exile would not be the only one endured by Salomon. With a shift in power, as the rule of the country turned over to Faustin Soulouque, the soon-to be-president returned to Haiti and was named minister of finance, a role he would keep until Soulouque was removed from power. At that time, Salomon had to, yet again, flee Haiti in exile, living in Paris and London until it was safe for him to return.

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