Haitian Troubadour Music King Beken

Haitian Troubadour Music King Beken

Here is the picture of a giant in the Haitian folks and Troubadour Music. Beken has dedicated his life to music.

Jean-Prosper Deauphin is simply known to his fans as 'Beken'. No hardship in his life was ever able to stop him creating soulful, melodic brand of Haitian folk music in the style of Twobadou (in French Troubadour). He lost his leg in a car accident at the age of 12. After the devastating 2010 earthquake, he found himself homeless, living in a tent camp in a public square. He became popular in Haiti after his U.S tour in the 1980s. But some bad monetary decisions pushed him into penury. After a long break, he was again rediscovered by a photographer Simon Romero, who discovered him singing at a camp meant for the displaced persons. His spirit filled work inspired producers Chris Donahue and David Macias of Thirty Tigers to help him to introduce to a new audience and Beken's newest album Troubadour was thus produced. It is his first release under a U.S label. His warm vocal with soothing guitar makes listening a delightful and calming experience. He describes himself as a melancholy artist who inspires sadness.

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