Hospital Saint-Boniface in Fond des Blancs

Hospital Saint-Boniface in Fond des Blancs

The St. Boniface Hospital in Fond des Blancs was founded by Saint-Boniface Haiti Foundation in 1992 with both outpatient and inpatient care to serve over 250,000 local inhabitants. The hospital is certified by the Haitian Ministry of Health and it works in partnership with both government and nongovernment organization. A number of U.S surgical experts from Jacksonville, Florida visit the hospital at regular interval and perform hundreds of surgeries. The hospital also serves remote areas through satellite clinics and mobile outreach programs.

The St. Boniface Hospital with its 60 inpatient beds has a 24 hours emergency room, ambulance, obstetric and pediatric care, dental clinic, operating room and immunization room for children. The hospital also organizes healthcare educational programs and celebrates its anniversary on June 5th on the date of the St. Boniface patron saint.

Fond des Blancs, Haiti

Departement Sud, Cales:
Hospital Saint-Boniface, Fond des Blancs

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