How People of Haiti celebrate Christmas

How People of Haiti celebrate Christmas

Like many countries in the world, people in Haiti have their own tradition during Christmas season

How People In Haiti Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is known in Haiti as 'Jwaye Nowe' (in Creole) or 'Joyeux Noël' (in French). It is the happiest time of the year when all sections of the society get involved in the festival, fix and redecorate their homes ready for Christmas. It is celebrated in a big way with great pomp and show. It is a day when everybody seems to be in a happy mood and celebrate with a lot of eating and drinking, singing and playing. Christmas songs and carols float everywhere in the air. Fireworks, firecrackers and gunshots can be heard all hours of the day and night and houses remain open with the lights till midnight. There are organizations like "Haiti with Love" and "Compassion International" who mobilize their resources to make Christmases special for impoverished children who do not receive any gifts or live in an environment where the joys of Christmas never reach. They also explain and teach them the meaning of Christmas and how it is worth celebrating.

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