Jean Hector Anacacis

Jean Hector Anacacis

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In the November 28, 2010 election, Anacacis Jean Hector (born July 20th, 1955) was a presidential candidate from the MODEJHA banner (Democratic Movement of Haitian Youth). Three months before the election, while announcing his intention to run in the November presidential election (without naming the banner, but he mentioned it was other than Fanmi Lavalas) in an interview Hector said if he wins the election, he would offer "total guarantee of immunity to Rene Preval and his wife Elisabeth Debrosse'-- from arrest or deportation in charges of corruption and illegal use of public funds. Then he was a Senator of the Ouest Department, he justified his participation in the presidential contest as, because the INITE party failed to select a candidate after 3 weeks long internal fighting and hypocrisy. Despite privileged relations with the then President Rene Préval, Hector was very much critical of Préval's administration. Presently, as a coordinator of the Jude Celestine's LAPEH party (Ligue Alternative pour le Progres et L'Emancipation Haitienne), he is not interested to team up with Préval anymore because he considers the "great master of truth" is not with us for his policy choice.

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