Jean-Jacques Dessalines as Emperor Jacques I of Haiti

Jean-Jacques Dessalines as Emperor Jacques I of Haiti

Here is a picture of Jean-Jacques Dessalines after he became Emperor Jacques I of Haiti.

Ruling as governor-general, prior to becoming emperor, Dessalines, who despised the white and mulatto elite population, killed thousands of them in the 1804 Haiti Massacre. The genocide accomplished, he defined Haiti as a 100% black nation, and banned whites from acquiring land or property in Haiti. Dessalines instituted a form of slavery, ordering blacks to work as soldiers to defend against foreign invaders, or labor on plantations to ensure Haiti's economic survival.

Although Dessalines hated the mulatto elite, he appointed some of them as officials and managers in his administration because they were highly-educated. Dessalines ruled for two years before disgruntled members of his administration, Alexandre Petion and Henri Christophe among them, planned a coup d'etat. They assassinated Dessalines on October 17, 1806.

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