Jet Blue new non-stop Flights From Boston To Haiti

Jet Blue new non-stop Flights From Boston To Haiti

The sky of Haiti wi become more crowded as Jet Blue will introduce new non-stop Flights From Boston To Haiti.

The new direct flight will begin on Wednesday, June 16, 2015 form Logan airport to Port-au-Prince until September 5. This is the period considered to be very busy travel between Haiti and Boston.

JetBlue adding more flights to Haiti and Cuba

JetBlue Airways, based in New York, has made public it will schedule extra flights to Cuba and Haiti. Now that travel restrictions to Cuba have been lifted JetBlue will run flight service from Tampa to Havana on Fridays.

During the summer months the air carrier will schedule flights from Boston, New York, and Fort Lauderdale to Haiti.

JetBlue partners with ABC Charters, and travelers must contact them to arrange flights to Cuba.

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