Kanaval accident in Haiti

Kanaval accident in Haiti

20 people Electrocuted in Haitian Carnival Barikad Crew float

On February 17th, while celebrating the Final moment of the Mardi Gras Carnival in Port-au-Prince before the Ash Wednesday, over 20 people were electrocuted on a float and more than 60 people were injured of stampede in an ensuing panic by the bystanders when a carnival float hit a power line. As per recent report 16 people have been died after the incident. The accident happened a little before 8:00 AM GMT, when someone on the float used a pole to move a live power line out of the way so that the float could pass under it. Hundreds of people had rushed to the hospitals, some carrying the victims and others searching for their family members and friends. Later on the same day, the new Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul arranged a silent condolence parade on the Champ de Mars where the accident occurred. The Haitian President Martelly has expressed his deepest sympathy to the victims on a twitter message.

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