Karen Civil Donates $41,000 to Sow a Seed, Haiti

Karen Civil Donates $41,000 to Sow a Seed, Haiti

Karen Civil is a media maven who has built her brand and career with a simple mantra, "Entertainment the Civilized Way", on a three pillared base-- character, respect and dedication. As an influential new media princess, the head of her own digital media marketing agency, "Always Civil Enterprise" and the creator of Living Civil bracelet, she is an envy of every blogger. offers exclusive interviews with some of the most stylish, innovators, rap musicians, artist and entrepreneurs in the industry. She comes from a Haitian-American background. On her 30th birthday, she decided, it is necessary to give back something to the country in which her parents were born. Karen has donated $41,000 to "Sow a Seed" for constructing a new playground started a few weeks back. "Sow a Seed" is a non-profit, volunteer based organization, assisting orphans with food, shelter, education and healthcare. It is dedicated to bringing hope and creating sustainable change in the lives of orphans in Haiti.

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