Kriz Rara little Haiti Miami Florida

Kriz Rara little Haiti Miami Florida

Here is a picture Kriz Rara in the streets of little Haiti in Miami Florida.

Kriz Rara Rev Nou Inc. Celebrates Haitian Culture

Kriz Rara Rev Nou, Inc is a Haitian Marching Roots Band that is trending in Little Haiti, Florida, begun one year ago. Kriz Rara, every Saturday night at eight or nine, makes a processional around Little Haiti, playing Haitian folk music.

During the march the band of 13 makes several Salutations to acknowledge the neighborhoods. The parade lasts two hours and 200-plus people have joined the party by the end, where they join a hanging out session.

People Experience High Spirits Traveling with Kriz Rara Rev Nou Inc.

Kriz Rara Rev Nou Inc. is a marching band that has become a Saturday night institution in Little Haiti.

The march/dance starts at Baz for a safe journey. More marchers join as the procession goes block-to-block, and refreshments are available along the way.

The march ends at Baz again where participants are encouraged to hang out, but you need to reserve a chair for the Trip as it is called.

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