Lavalas activist Yvon Antoine

Lavalas activist Yvon Antoine "ZapZap"arrested in Guiteau Toussaint crime

The National Police in Haiti has detained Mr. Yvon Antione, also known as ZapZap only days after the assassination of Haitian banker. He is one of the suspects. According to commissioner Harry Auguste. This is was reported by Haitian radio station Radio Kiskeya.

The radio station also reported that according to Mr. Mayard Paul who is a close advised to President Michel Martelly, So far three political activists have been arrested for the crime.

Later on, a source from Haiti National police did confrim the arrest of Lavalas Militant, Yvon Antoine, AKA, Yvon Zap Zap. However, police wanted the public to know that the arrest was it was not related to the crime of Guiteau Toussaint

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