Leopold Berlanger back at the CEP, representing Media sector

Leopold Berlanger back at the CEP, representing Media sector

Here is a picture of Leopold Berlanger who is back at the CEP, representing Media sector.

On February 24, 2016, Leopold Berlanger (born 1955), the Director of Radio Vision 2000 and a former electoral adviser has been selected as a member of the 9-member Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), representing the media sector. Leopold, a brilliant student in his studies, completed his graduation in Earth Sciences (Netherland), Doctorate in Social Sciences, and Regional Planning and Development planning (both from Sorbonne, Paris). He has a varied and diverse experience in activities of civic and social characters. One of the several organizations that supported his nomination was Association of National Haitian Media (ANMH) headed by Mr. Herold Jean Francois. In April 2013, he was designated by the CEPJ (Superior Council of the Judiciary) to be a part of the CTCEP (Permanent Electoral Council). Leopold is an active member in many international election observation missions with the OAS.

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