Louis Borno, President of Haiti

Louis Borno, President of Haiti

Here is a picture of the Haitian President Louis Borno, the Rebuilder of Haiti.

Louis Borno, Haiti's 28th president, was a seasoned politician by the time he assumed the presidency in 1922. An attorney by profession he was first appointed envoy to the Dominican Republic in 1899.

By 1915 Borno was serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs under President Philippe Sudré Dartiguenave. He continued in that position, holding auxiliary positions in finance, commerce, education, worship, public works, and justice. While Minister U.S. troops landed to stop uprisings in Port-au-Prince and occupied Haiti until 1934. But violence continued in rural areas where peasants were rebelling against U.S. Troops. Unsuccessful they died by the thousands.

When Dartiguenave's term ended the State Council elected Borno as Dartiguenave's successor. Once in office Borno was able to broker an agreement with U.S. High Commissioner Major General John H. Russell to get the U.S to aid in Haiti's economic development.

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