Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste and Jean-Henry Ceant

Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste and Jean-Henry Ceant

Here is a picture of Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste and Jean-Henry Céant

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, the Executive members of the Commission of Electoral Evaluation have appointed Euvonie Georges Auguste as a member of 'Commission of Electoral Evaluation' created by the President and Evans administration. However, the political platform ' Renmen Ayiti' to which she belongs has denounced this appointment and has asked Mambo Euvonie, to renounce her participation in the commission, as the formation of this Commission is contrary to the request of the G8 group which called for an independent commission of inquiry and a transitional government, to properly investigate the fraud allegations of the October election and to hold new and fair elections. Jean Henry Ceant was a member of the G8 and the presidential candidate in the last election under ' Renmen Ayiti' banner.

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