Michel Domingue, President of Haiti

Michel Domingue, President of Haiti

Here is a picture of Michel Domingue, President of Hait from June 14, 1874 to April 15, 1876.

Haiti's 11th President was one with extensive military training. Born Michel Domingue in Les Cayes in 1813, Domingue went straight from military training into the army units of the Sud Department, where he became a commander. Following this period, General Domingue was made the Haitian Army's Commander-in-Chief. He then entered the capital city with an undeniable force of troops behind his candidacy. He began a sort of presidency on May 8, 1868 as the head of the autonomous south states of Haiti. Though it wasn't until June 11, 1874 that he became president of the Haitian Republic.

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