Michel Joseph Martelly Speech at the United Nations in 2014

Michel Joseph Martelly Speech at the United Nations in 2014

On Friday, 27 September 2014, President Martelly as part of his participation on the third day of the 69th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly has delivered a speech before the Nations of the world.

Martelly has mentioned the necessity to expand the scope and ability of the world organization with sufficient resources so that it can face myriad emergencies and fulfill its mission effectively. He has mentioned a host of issues that needed to be included under its program from management of diseases to development programs and enlargement of the Security Council with addition of new permanent members.

Michel Joseph Martelly believes that the credibility and legitimacy of the United Nations depends on its capacity to act quickly and effectively while recognizing the relative value of each member with better coordination. The goal of the UN should be to reduce poverty and inequality throughout the world and preserve international peace and security

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