Michel Martelly at Sans Souci Palace, in Milot

Michel Martelly at Sans Souci Palace, in Milot

It has been close to three Months sice Michel Martelly has been in power an so far he has not been able to to form a government. In the meantime, the president was in the city of Milot in the north of Haiti to Sans Souci palace and Citadele Laferriere. The aim of the visit is to promote tourism in Haiti. the president took the opportunity while on the ruins of the Sans Souci palace to let the population know the high importance he gives to the tourist sector in Haiti. President Michel Martelly told the crowd that he already made contacts and it is a matter of the local population to help him to make the plan a reality. The message was welcomed by the population of Milot as they feel that the president was clear in helping them to bring tourism in the region of Milot to visit the Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle Laferiere

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