Michel Martelly called Rothschild Francois Jr. bluffer, liar

Michel Martelly called Rothschild Francois Jr. bluffer, liar

Here is the event where President Michel Martelly referred to his minister of Communication, Rothschild Francois Jr., as bluffer and liar live on stage

On Monday, August 24, 2015, while attending the CARIFESTA 2015, President Martelly participated in a parody interview show as a journalist and called his Minister of Communication Rothschild Francois Jr., in his own Sweet Micky style, "Where are you Rotchild? Come, come give us a lie..."And then he added, these guys went to school to learn to lie. In reply, the Minister started to smile from the top of the stand where he was attending the event. Later, the Minister, a former journalist and owner of a radio station, tried to minimize the statement and said, "the President has made a joke. As minister, I did not even need to respond, everyone knows who I am."... If this is a joke, then who is the joker?

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