Moise Jean Charles on horseback riding during Protest

Moise Jean Charles on horseback riding during Protest

Here is a picture of former Senator Moise Jean Charles on horseback riding during Protest.

Two Haitian presidential candidates, Senator Steven Benoit and former Senator Moise Jean-Charles have accused Haitian police of firing them at point blank during a protest against the alleged fraud committed in the country's recent presidential election. As per Senator Benoit's statement, he was hit in his head and three other places by rubber bullets. A third candidate has said, he and his supporters were threatened with arrest by the police. On Wednesday, November 18th, the presidential candidates from three opposition parties had organized their supporters to demand the cancellation of October 25th election or removal of the government backed presidential candidate Jovenel Moise, a candidate from the outgoing President Martelly's Tet Kale political party.

As per Senator Benoit's statement, they were particularly targeted by the police in the crowd. The police fired rubber bullets at both the Senators Steven Benoit and Moise Jean-Charles while dispersing the protesters with tear gas. Since the publication of preliminary results between November 5th and 12th, there were at least 20 protest demonstrations and this was the largest of all protests, organized by three political parties.

However, as per Frantz Lerebours, a spokesperson of the Haitian police, the police were "obligated to break up the protest", because, the protesters approached "a sterile zone,"- the Provisional Electoral Council's Petionville headquarters in the capital city.

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