Numa Perrier, Haitian American artist

Numa Perrier, Haitian American artist

Here is a picture of Numa Perrier. She is an actress, filmmaker, visual artist and founder for tv network, Black&SexyTV. She is a Haitian American artist and producer with a very busy life. Perrier is the co-creator of web series roomierloverfriends and The Couple.

Using her life experiences and her own body to draw from, Haitian-American artist Numa Perrier creates pieces that are as unique and flavored as they are provoking and compelling. Adopted by a mixed-race couple at a young age, Perrier grew up in a small town in America where her innate, cultural love of art was nurtured into her current expression through photography, film, installation work on a large-scale, textiles and collage that offer of her own identity while covering themes of power, sensuality and relationships, such as in her latest photography piece "Florida Water."

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