Origin of Rice in Haiti

Origin of Rice in Haiti

It was once incorrectly believed that Europeans who enslaved Haitians brought first rice to the island. But Professor Judith Carney believes otherwise because West Africans used to cultivate rice prior to the enslavement of Haitians by the Europeans. It is evident that some West Africans brought certain varieties of rice with them to the Americas. And since Haitians are mostly descendants of West African people, there is a possibility that Haitian rice is of West African origin. Traditionally, there are two types of rice are grown in Haiti: Mountain rice (subsistence crops) and Swamp Rice (consumption in urban areas). Presently, there are several varieties of rice are grown and available in Haiti: Sheila, Shelda, Crete, Madame Gougous, TCS-10 (with Taiwanese assistance), Prosequisa-4 (a Dominican variety) and Vietnamese rice (bagged as 10 sou 10 or 10/10, perfect score). The USAID project of "International Rice Research Institute" at Madagascar is testing and has introduced several varieties rice in Haiti.

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