Pamela Ann White in Haiti

Pamela Ann White in Haiti

The MLA Desdunes (riding the Artibonite Department, north of Haiti) is very critical vis-à-vis the U.S. ambassador accredited in Haiti. According to Levaillant Louis-Jeune, Pamela Ann White was elected as the spokesman of the Administration Martelly. "Pamela White serves as a sounding board of the National Palace," insists the parliamentarian.

A number of MPs declared that the former President of the Lower House was organizing to send a letter to President Barack Obama to notify him of the behaviours of its representatives in Haiti. The National Coordinator of INITE said that they give no weight to the recent statements made by the representative of the Republic Starry countries in which electoral competition may take place this year.

Recall that Pamela White had indicated in stride, that his country has a budget of ten million dollars for the organization of partial municipal and local Senate. These statements were held to mark the first anniversary of his taking office at the U.S. Embassy to a group of journalists.

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