Patisserie Marie Beliard in Petion-ville, Haiti

Patisserie Marie Beliard in Petion-ville, Haiti

Get Your Sweet Tooth on at Patisserie Marie Beliard
Patisserie Marie Beliard in Petion-Ville is a pastry, sandwich, and appetizer restaurant, with a superior reputation for serving the best Haitian culinary food in the area.

Lunch items include ham-and-cheese paninis and biscuit turnovers, stuffed with meat, chicken, or seafood fillings.

The patisserie excels in desserts, creating such classics as cheese cake, éclairs, napoleons, and croissants.

Restaurant reviewers use such superlatives as "the best bakery in town", "can't live without it", and "everything is exquisitely delicious".

Angle Rue Faubert & Lambert - Pétion-Ville, Haiti

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